Frequently Asked Questions

livheal plays an important role in spreading healthy lifestyle which is a rapidly growing industry for over 50 – 60 years. it connects health experts and clients virtually.

Livheal does not promise to provide client but it helps professional health experts to improve their market value, make them more efficient and offer them an opportunity to extend their services to national and international patients in an effective way.

livheal encourages health care experts who wants to become an entrepreneur and want to launch manage and grow their business online.

livheal provides 24/7 customer support team for the leads/clients. it manages Search engine optimization ( SEO ), Social Media Optimization ( SMO ) for health experts.

you will get integrated experience after setting up your virtual clinic with a CRM software where you can manage your clients efficiently and you can get other advantages like Advanced SEO automation, an infographic social media post in a week to get customer attraction, tech support for website.

After setting up your virtual clinic your service cost will be in the form of commission to livheal for managing websites, leads, digital marketing, URL maintenance, data maintenance etc. The commission shall be 20%.

livheal manage all data of health experts and don't sell and commercialize it. livheal is committed to safe the privacy of every health care experts.

CRM i.e. customer relationship management is dedicated software for health expert. It eases all the paper work efforts that they used to do before. it manage information database of clients, tracks client's activity such as fitness exercise, yoga session, calories chart and many more things.

we'll be happy to make your acquaintance. You can contact us on toll free number 1800-8890-657. You can even write us an email at

livheal always focus on time, money, experience, and process which are very important to meet every client's goal. Engaging online gives every clients more flexibility. Virtual clinic will help you to promote your expertise globally and make your services standardized.