12 Major Health Benefits Of Yoga

Your health must be the most important concern for you. Here in this article, we are going to study about the major health benefits of yoga.

As of today, people are so busy with their lives. Therefore, they fail to make enough time for maintaining their health. A healthy lifestyle must be your top most priority. Because your health is the biggest treasure you have, so better take care of it. 

The best way to take care of yourself and your health is YOGA. Yoga is the most effective way to increase your physical activity, improve your overall health and lifestyle. Although one needs a complete health care program like Livheal offers, still yoga can be of great help.

Let’s discuss in detail about what yoga is and what are the health benefits of yoga?

What is ‘Yoga’ 

The term “yoga” is derived from a Sanskrit root “yuj” that means to connect, unite and balance. Yoga consists of movement,  meditation and breathing techniques. Thus, It helps in stimulating our physical and mental health. Yoga is emerging as the most effective form of exercise all over the world.

The philosophical overview of yoga is union of body, mind and spirit.  Yoga is a form of exercise that  improves your overall health and fitness. It includes postural exercises (asanas), breath control (pranayama), and meditation.

Health Benefits Of Yoga

According to Swami Ramdev Ji, yoga is the solution to all the health problems. It has a huge range of benefits and it focuses on the overall and long-term development of your health. Yoga helps in deeply curing an individual’s problem. It strengthens your body as well as mind. This helps in enhancing the functions of your joints and internal organs. 

Yoga is beneficial for people of every age group and every body type. It is the most effective form of exercise that helps everyone in developing a fit and healthy body as well mind. Yoga ensures a healthy lifestyle.

The health benefits of yoga covers the improvement in your overall health. It includes the nervous, respiratory, digestive, and cardiovascular system. In short, it improves the quality of your life by preventing you from the negative aspects of life. It is not possible to emphasize enough the huge number of advantages of yoga. So let’s focus on 12 major health benefits of yoga –

1. Helps in controlling weight –

yoga helps in controlling weight

There’s no doubt in the fact that yoga helps you in controlling weight. When you start practicing yoga asanas on a regular basis, your weight remains in control. Yoga has proven to be the best form of exercise to boost up your physical activity and metabolism.

Thus, it helps you in losing weight. Yoga also helps you in getting rid of the general lifestyle diseases that are weight-oriented. It enhances your metabolism and the functioning of your internal organs. This in turn prevents you from unnecessary weight gain.

  2. Improves the health of your lungs –

Improves the health of your lungs

Keeping your lungs healthy is one of the most significant health benefits of yoga. Practice of certain yoga asanas enhances the ability of your lungs to work properly.

Yoga is used as a cure for respiratory problems. Practicing yoga asanas consistently will strengthen your lungs and chest. It will increase your lung capacity and enhance oxygen intake. Yoga postures help in increasing the efficiency of your lungs by activating the air-cells of the lungs and making them stronger.

It involves different breathing techniques. This helps in enhancing your control over your breath and corrects poor breathing habits. Thus, yoga ensures to increase the efficiency of your lungs and keeps them healthy.

3. Helps in recovery after an injury –

Helps in recovery after an injury

Yoga helps you in a quick recovery of your muscles/joints and enables flexible movement after an injury or a surgery. Along with improving the health of your muscles, bones and internal organs. Recovery from an injury is one of the significant health benefits of yoga.

Postural yoga asanas apply healthy stress in different muscles. This helps in increasing the flexibility, length and strength of tissues and muscles. Yoga helps in reducing the pain after an injury by a physical therapy intervention. It also corrects postural imbalances.

4. Yoga improves your posture –

Yoga improves your posture

Correcting your posture is one of the fundamental health benefits of yoga. Yoga will also help you in improving your posture. Postural yoga asanas help in creating great alignment for your body. Because it enables the correction of your postural flaws.

Regular practice of yoga will improve the alignment of your skeletal structure.  Yoga helps in preventing the pain in your joints and muscles, which is caused because of improper posture. Asanas like cobra pose, camel pose, bridge pose and plank pose help in correcting your posture.

5. Keeps your heart healthy –

yoga keeps your heart healthy

Improving your heart health is a fundamental health benefit of yoga. Yoga is an effective measure to prevent your heart from getting damaged and to keep it healthy. With the help of yoga, the system of your body gets better.

Including proper functioning of the internal organs to improve cardiovascular efficiency. A daily yoga routine will give you a healthy lifestyle. Because it controls high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. This in turn will improve your cardiovascular health. Thus, yoga is a must for living a healthy lifestyle.

6. Helps in relieving stress –

Yoga helps in relieving stress

There’s no doubt in the fact that yoga helps in relieving stress. It also improves your mental ability. Along with that, practice of certain yoga asanas also helps in increasing your concentration and focus. In simpler words Yoga will help you in reducing stress, controlling high blood pressure and hypertension.

Because it includes different breathing techniques that enable you to pay attention to your breath. As a result this will help you to stay calm and relaxed.

Yoga will help you in relieving stress to keep you more calm. This will prevent you from the symptoms of various general lifestyle disorders. In conclusion, yoga will improve your lifestyle as it reduces stress.

7. Yoga increases your flexibility –

Yoga increases your flexibility

Yoga is the best form of physical exercise to increase your flexibility and strength. Regular practice of yoga will enhance the flexibility, strength and length of your muscles and tissues. Along with that It will also help you in getting rid of pain in the different parts of your body. Including shoulders, neck, back and knees.

The regular practice of various yoga asanas will stretch your muscles. And enable them to move freely without making you feel stiff or tired. According to various studies, people who practice yoga asanas in routine have increased their flexibility by 35%. Because yoga undoubtedly enhances your flexibility. In conclusion, better flexibility ensures a healthy lifestyle in the long-term.

8. Good for your Kidneys –

Yoga good for your Kidneys

Keeping your kidneys healthy is one of the major health benefits of yoga. Yoga plays a significant role in maintaining the health of your kidneys.  It is an effective way to improve the functioning of your kidneys. Also preventing them from getting damaged due to other lifestyle disorders. 

Yoga helps in controlling diabetes and high blood pressure which are the major causes of kidney problems. The routine practice of pranayama and yoga kriyas can improve the health of internal organs. Including the overall functioning of your kidneys.

Yoga kriyas are also known for their cleansing techniques for removing the toxic substances out of the body. This helps in the purification of the entire system including blood. Thus, yoga is good for your kidneys and a healthy lifestyle.


9. Better athletic performance –

Better athletic performance

 Yoga helps in improving your flexibility, balance and coordination. Because these are necessary for a better performance. According to various reviews, athletes who practice yoga at least twice in a week, have seen an improvement in their overall performance. As yoga enhances your coordination, balance, flexibility and strength.

Practicing yoga asanas in routine will increase mindfulness, focus and concentration. This lays a positive effect on shooting and dart throwing. Yoga helps you in enhancing awareness of distress, cardiovascular performance. It also helps in the regulation of your temperature during exercise.

10. Yoga improves your emotional health –

Yoga improves your emotional health

Exercises boost your mood and energy. Yoga is the best form of exercise for your emotional and physical health. Practicing yoga asanas in routine helps you in relaxation and stress  management. Thus, it is proven that yoga improves your emotional health.

because it is a form of exercise that works both the body and mind. Yoga includes various breathing techniques that enable you to pay attention to your breath. This has a positive effect on your emotional health as this helps in relieving stress. Yoga comprises dynamic movement linked to breath. Thus, it is considered as an effective treatment for depression. 

11. Yoga helps you with chronic back pain –

Yoga helps you with chronic back pain

Back pain is a common problem nowadays. The major cause of back pain is spending more time on the keyboard and binge watching netflix. Relieving back pain is one of the major health benefits of yoga. Yoga helps you in dealing with chronic back pain because it corrects your posture and imbalances. It enhances your awareness for your body which helps you in observing where you are holding tension and where you have imbalances.

Practice of certain yoga asanas will massage and strengthen your chest, core and lower back. This will help you in relieving pain, stress and anxiety caused due to back pain. The stretching asanas of yoga helps in strengthening your spine and buttocks by stretching your shoulders and abdomen. There’s no doubt in the fact that yoga eases back pain and improves your lifestyle.

12. Yoga promotes a good night’s sleep –

Yoga promotes a good night’s sleep

According to various reviews, people who practice yoga twice in a week tend to sleep better and quickly at night. The practice of certain yoga asanas helps you in getting a better sleep. As a result yoga enhances the quality of your sleep.

It helps in removing the stress and tension at the end of the day to assist you in getting a better sleep. Practicing yoga asanas before bedtime will relax your mind and body to help you in attaining mental peace for a better sleep.

Best online platform for yoga training

Most of the health experts and doctors recommend yoga as the best and safest form of exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit. Although yoga is the easiest form of exercise, you need professional supervision while practicing yoga.

Thus, it is essential for everyone to practice yoga under proper supervision. Only knowing about the benefits is not enough. You also need proper guidance and support from a professional trainer because yoga can not be practiced without proper knowledge. 

Know your Yoga is the best platform for online yoga training. It has a huge number of professional yoga trainers to guide you. As a result this will increase the effectiveness of your yoga session. It will also protect you from injuries that are caused due to improper exercise. Move forward with know your yoga as it will help you to enjoy all the health benefits of yoga.

An Overview 

 As we have discussed the major health benefits of yoga, there’s no doubt that it helps in improving your overall lifestyle. Because the regular practice of yoga asanas will enhance your flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. This as a result will help you in easing the pain, stress and tension in your muscles, joints and mind. 

Yoga protects you from various general lifestyle diseases by developing your overall health. It also helps in relieving the stress and anxiety of your daily life to provide you mental peace. Last but not the least, yoga ensures a healthy lifestyle and it is a must for everyone who wants to live a healthy and happy life.

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